Episode 58 Our Moffat Favourites

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  • Song Name: Episode 58 Our Favourite Moffat Stories
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  • Year: 2017

Alex and Mike bring you the final of our three pre Christmas specials, this time looking at our personal favourite stories penned by outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat. Alex spins the Tardis controls towards the extravagance of Versailles as the Tenth Doctor meets Madame Du Pompadour in The Girl In The Fireplace. Whilst Mike chooses to discuss the 11th Doctor's debut in the less glamorous surroundings of Leadworth, as he meets the child and then Adult Amelia, or is it Amy Pond in The Eleventh Hour.
Our Target Files team also bring you their thoughts on Star Wars:The Last Jedi and their anticipation for The League Of Gentlemen's return to television for the first time since 2003.